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"No, I can’t snap out of it, or grow out of it,
You really think I choose to be like this?
That it’s all just in my head,
So I should just get over it?
…Why didn’t I think of that?"

- No Bragging Rights - Outdated

Crossfaith presents Across The Future 2014w/ Crossfaith, We Came As Romans, While She Sleeps, Crystal Lake Photo by Takashi Konuma
Today was just a big waste of my time so I decided to buy The Future Diary parts one and two



New song “Avalanche” - LISTEN NOW!

These guys literally NEVER disappoint me, they’re so hard working and so talented.

This is an amazing tribute to Mitch

The Holy Guile - California Gold

Too soon
Too soon
The angels lifted you

Far too many have cursed your name
unaware of the path you’ve paved
small minds and smaller hearts
know jack shit about The Lucker Stomp

Carry on carry on
Maybe gone but not forgotten

Pass the torch to light it up
There’s no time to bleed 
when you only live once
Lifted is the medicine when God is the drug

Disengage give up the rage
rip out the pages
those thoughts are contagious
Break away
keep your head in the clouds
but don’t forget to pay respect
to The Black Crown

For the families who mourn our king
Rest in peace and harmony(we sing)
Too soon
Too soon
The angels lifted you

Doesn’t matter if it maybe goes unanswered
Think about it is it the sky that’s cancer?
Hands of the clock are the hands of the killer
and they cease to exist when you pity a coward

When its me you know I spit it right back at you
step inside a photograph, destruction of a statue
Eyes sewn shut to the weight of the world
Does the green monster even carry any value

I am not used to waking up before like 2pm
On the left you will see what I looked like this morning aka a mess and on the right what I look like now (pay no attention to the blackberry it doesn’t even work anymore)

(Source: tsundere-dragon)